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Competition in ABS, polycarbonate or polypropylene boomerangs. Excellent to do transformations.

  • Eric DARNELLis one of the Masters of the boomerang recognized at the international level.

  • Its boomerangs have been very appreciated throwers and are used in competition for several years.
  • Large amateur of the good food in France, it comes to share his passion on all the grounds.
  • Basic boomerangs used in competition.
  • - These boomerangs polypro, ABS, polycarbonate can be worked as a right-handed or left-handed person and for all the tests.
  • - Foam boomerangs for play indoor or warm up.


Wooden boomerangs, for leisure and competition.

With his technic to Mark LEGG built a reputation for fine craftsmanship.

  • Mark Legg began throwing boomerangs in 1983 at the age of 10 and has been making them since he was 13. He has built a reputation for fine craftsmanship, as well as attention to technical detail for competition boomerangs.

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