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Quick Overview

All throwers will enjoy its ease of throw and accurate return.
Boomerang can be used for Fast-catch.

This boomerang exist as right-handed and left-handed.

  • Weight: 26g
  • 20 / 25 m
  • Envergure: 270 mm

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COACH ABS : Find out about the latest design..!

ABS COACH LMI is newest plastic boomerang to the sport.
This very good boomerang can be used for Fast-catch, Endurance.
In order to change it is speed or distance, you just need to make some holes with different radius.
Nine pre-holes are already placed in the design, and ready to be make, also we included a notice in order to help you to transform and get the best performance out of your boomerang.

This is the perfect boomerang for any thrower, and it will become very quickly your favorite boomerang!

This boomerang exist as right-handed and left-handed.

Decoration : screen printing system.

Patrick PRADY :
(team of France 2004) is an excellent originator of forms. Its boomerangs are of a high degree of accuracy and are made to be transformed.

What is it ? :
The boomerangs injected in ABS are by nature rigid. Perfectly stable and they do not become deformed.