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TRIONYX Float undecorated

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Quick Overview

This boomerang not packed and undecorated is ideal for beginners and training.

It accepts the adjustments by torsions.

For beginner.

  • Weight: 40g
  • 20 / 25 m
  • Envergure: 285 mm

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TRIONYX Float undecorated:
with a density lower than 1, this boomerang floats.

It is a simple model for a beginner. Its flight is circular and its return allows an always easy recovery.

For use without wind or breaks light.

This boomerang is ideal for beginners and training. Circle flight.

This boomerang exist as right-handed and left-handed.

Fabrice PUCCETTI TROYES Club, and Philippe PICGIRARD friend says PICO precision World Recordman, MTA European recordman are the originators of the best TRIONYX model.

What is it ? :
Boomerang float: Injected out of flexible polypropylene, this material is ideal for the beginners. You can modify the flight by the torsion of the wings.

Boomerangs not packed and undecorated. To customize!